Model 890

The ECC Model 890 Dose Meter / Exposure Time Meter is specifically designed to measure x-ray dose. The instrument is used to measure the effective dose produced by diagnostic x-ray generators. The ECC Model 890 is a solid-state, digital instrument designed specifically for service personnel in assessing the performance of radiation generators and the effective dose delivered by the x-ray generator under specific test conditions. This instrument measures the amount of x-ray radiation delivered to a specific area and measures the length of an exposure. The Model 890 can be used for dental x-ray units, radiographic and fluoroscopic x-rays.

The Model 890 automatically resets at the beginning of each exposure, holding the reading until the next exposure. There is no need to reset the meter before each measurement.

The Model 890 is a small hand held battery operated unit. Each x-ray exposure is displayed on a 2x12 digit liquid crystal display (LCD). The operator can select between English (mR) and SI (uGy) units.

Radiation is detected by a solid state detector and electronic circuit. The instrument works for half-wave, full-wave, multiphase or DC (constant potential) x-ray generators. When a measurement is being made, the Model 890 has the capability of automatically determining the type of x-ray that is being measured. It is not necessary for the user to program correction factors for different types of x-ray waveforms.

New Product!
Remote Sensor

Model 890RS

We offer a new feature, a remote sensor that allows operation of the Model 890 up to 6 feet away from the x-ray head. This remote sensor is connected to the 890 through a cable. The small 1" x 1" x 0.8" (2.5 x 2.5 x 2 cm) size enables use with phantoms.

Specify remote sensor option with your order. If you already have a dose meter and would like to upgrade your unit, you can send it back to us for remote sensor installation.

New Product!
App for HVL Calculation


We have a new smart phone application that helps a user calculate HVL (Half Value Layer). The App is available for Android and Android tablets at this time. The app is available at the Google Store.

To measure HVL, dose readings are taken with different amounts of Al filtration. The thickness of Al at which one half the dose is obtained is the HVL expressed in mm Al. The App performs the math to calculate the HVL from three readings using two different thickness of Al. (The first reading is with no added Al filtration.)

The App is very easy to use, is user friendly and calculates the exact HVL.

To download, using your smart phone, go to the Google store and search for 'HVL Calculator' or 'HVL'. The price of the app is $8.90.

Carrying Case

Two custom carrying case are available, that will keep your instrument safe. A soft case which is a custom made protective case made of Cordura material, and a closable hard case with handle which has room for accessories and extra batteries inside.


  • Measures x-ray dose
  • Measures dose rate
  • Measures exposure time
  • Selectable English and metric units
  • Easy to use
  • Works with AC or DC x-rays
  • No need to set for AC/DC
  • High accuracy
  • Battery operated
  • Two year warranty
  • Custom carrying case option
  • Solid state digital design
  • Durable ABS plastic case

Typical Applications

  • Measure effective dose
  • Measure patient equivalent dose
  • Calibration of x-ray
  • Quality assurance
  • Measurement of exposure time
  • Radiation safety measurement
  • Troubleshooting and repair of x-rays
  • Maintain quality of x-ray
  • Measure Half Value Layer

To learn more, please review our 890 Instruction Manual (Adobe PDF) and printable datasheets available in several languages:


  • 1 mR to 2000 mR
  • 0.01mGy to 20 mGy
  • 10uGy to 20000uGy
  • 5% +/- 1 mR
  • 1% +/- 1 millisecond - 20 to 5000 mS
  • None
  • 0.21" (5.5mm) Liquid Crystal
  • 2 line, 12 Character Alphanumeric
  • ON / OFF / Units Switch
  • 9 Volt battery accessible from bottom of case
  • Low battery indicator
  • 120 hours continuous
  • Typically over one year of normal use
  • 2 years from ship date
  • 80 X 147 X 40 mm
  • 3.15 X 5.8 X 1.6 inches
  • 350 g, (0.81 lb)
  • Recommended Annually
  • +10o to 40o C
  • 50o to 104o F
  • Up to 75% relative humidity
  • Storage 0oC to 50oC

Please contact ECC for pricing and ordering information.