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Electronic Control Concepts has been in business since 1994. We manufacture instrumentation for x-rays. The company is recognized throughout the world, having equipment in over forty countries, including many military facilities. We make it easy by accepting payment by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. Electronic Control Concepts is known for quality, reliability, and price.

ECC's kVp Meter measures the peak voltage in an x-ray head by sensing the characteristics of the x-ray beam. The ECC X-ray Pulse Counter / Exposure Time Meter measures the length of time of an x-ray exposure, and is a useful instrument for people who service x-rays.



We are pleased to announce the availability of a new product. The Universal X-ray Instrument (UXI). This is a significant new product that combines the best of our instruments into one universal instrument.

The UXI consists of a small box that is placed under the x-ray and an Android tablet. The tablet is connected to the small box (X-ray Detector Unit) by a 14 foot USB cable. Only one exposure is needed to measure all parameters (except HVL). The UXI measures the following:

To learn more, please go to Universal X-ray Instrument page..

UXI Tablet Display After X-ray


ECC is pleased to announce the availability of a kit combining two of our best selling products. Customers can buy the Model 820 and a Model 890 with Remote Sensor as well as a hard case to carry and protect the instruments for $2355. These instruments and accessories sold separatly cost $2555. Call or email to place an order.

HVL Application

ECC is pleased to announce that we have a smart phone application to make it very easy to calculate Half Value Layer (HVL). Use our Model 890 X-ray Dose Meter to measure dose with different thickness of Aluminum (Al) filtration. Simply type in the Al thickness and dose readings and the app will calculate the HVL. This application is available for Android phones and tablets. Learn more by going to our X-ray Dose Meter Page.

Redesigned 8700

The Model 8700 has been redesigned to give users the most modern instrument available for testing x-ray exposure time. The improvements include:

For more information go to the Model 8700, X-ray Pulse Counter page.

Model 8200A Production Has Ended

Electronic Control Concepts was the last company manufacturing and selling replacement timers for x-rays. The demand for these timers has declined to the point where it is not economically feasible for us to continue making these timers. We regret any inconvenience this may cause our customers.

Product Overview

The following table gives a quick overview of what each instrument is capable of measuring.

Instrument kVp mA/mAs Exposure Time X-ray Dose





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